Frédéric Chamberland, SOC

Camera/Steadicam/Trinity operator
IA 667 member

Owner operator for almost 20 years.
Operating exclusively on the Arri Trinity system for the past 3 years.

514 814-5678


Vinland (2020) DOP Francois Gamache
Allure (2017) DOP Sarah Mishara
Arrival (2016) DOP Bradford Young ASC
Nine Lives (2016) DOP Karl-Walter Lindenlaub ASC
Whitewash (2013) DOP André Turpin CSC
Funkytown (2011)  DOP Bruce Chun
1981 (2009) DOP Steve Asselin
Le grand départ (2008)
Comme une flamme (2008)
Truffe (2008)
Tout est parfait (2008)

TV series

The Bold Type (2018/19/20) DOP John Newby ASC
Little America  (2019) •pilot only DOP Jonathan Furmanski
Being Human (2009/10/11/12) DOP Le Pierre Jodoin CSC

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